12 Years Later – Get Ready for 9/11 Memorials Today

neverforgetpinSometimes it feels like the horrors of 9/11/01 were a lifetime ago. Sometimes we can hardly believe that it’s been 12 years already. One thing is for sure, however – our world was changed forever that day.

At FlagsOnCars.com we’re getting ready to help people honor and remember this year. We have some great products including the flag that started it all for us – the World Trade Center Commemorative Flag - and our 9/11 Never Forget memorial pin (seen here).

If you’re ordering for this year, please place orders by September 6th for delivery by the 11th with standard shipping. Also, if you’re planning a memorial service or event, let us help! We can help you figure out the best products for your audience and the quantities you’ll need. Don’t hesitate to call us today - 1-866-982-3524.

Happy New Year, 2013!

All of us at FlagsOnCars.com would like to wish everyone a very happy New Year! 2012 was a very eventful year and a successful one too. We now usher in 2013 and hope that it brings much more success, love, and happiness.

Start the New Year off right and head on over to FlagsOnCars.com and raise your patriotic spirit this year or get that special someone a gift they’ll never forget. Happy New Year!

We Will Never Forget! – Remebering 9/11

With September slowly approaching, that tragic day that changed the lives of Americans forever does too. September 11 has now become a special day for this country to mourn, honor, and remember the lives of those innocent victims and heroes we lost 11 years ago.

Every September 11, America rejoices and patriotically honors a day that changed this country for both the better and the worst. With such a tragedy unfolding that day in 2001, the Real family decided to make a change in their lives and those around them by establishing the Patriotic Superstore. Their idea was to facilitate the need for people to be patriotic in their own way by being able to purchase beautiful, memorable items quick and easy online without spending a fortune. Everything from American flags, to items honoring the World Trade Center and even special gifts paying respect and homage to policemen, firefighters, and soldiers that have risked their lives for this wonderful country, FlagsOnCars.com has something for everyone.

If you or someone you know has suffered a loss or been affected by the tragedies of 9/11, show your support and visit www.FlagsOnCars.com and get them that memorable gift they will always appreciate. To help the cause, use coupon code “FLAG” in your checkout to get a special online discount with any purchase (minimum $10).

Support this September 11 and show the world why America still stands tall and proud. WE WILL NEVER FORGET!

Flag Week is Coming – Is your flag ready?

Whether you fly a flag daily, or only on special occasions, flag week is a great time to remember all the USA flag stands for and show your pride by flying your flag. This year, Flag Week falls the 10th – 16th of June. Every year during this time, the President issues a proclamation urging US citizens to fly the flag and government buildings also display the flag. This tradition commemorates the adoption of the Stars and Stripes by the 2nd Constitutional Congress on June 14th, 1777.

Although Flag Day (June 14th) is not an official Federal Holiday (so you can still go to the Post Office that day), the national celebration was established by an act of Congress in 1949, after the earlier proclamation by Woodrow Wilson.

Flag Day is a great day to initiate a new flag to your family’s life, to teach your kids about what the flag symbolizes or to retire older flags. If you’re looking for a great flag, we’ve got a wide selection of indoor and outdoor flags that will suit your budget and your needs. FlagsOnCars is especially proud to be an official distributor of Annin Flagmaker’s flags – made right here in the USA.

Memorial Day Around the Nation

This memorial day, around the nation and around the world, people flew flags and honored those who have given all in service to our country. I was impressed with the higher-than-last-year mentions on Facebook of people remembering those who had passed and those who are still serving in the armed services.

One facebooker I follow, whose family has a long heritage of military service, posted throughout the weekend images and stories of the men (and later women) in her family who had served in the military. One in particular, her grandfather, who died at the age of 22 (just after getting married and having his first child) in the first world war really struck me.

The Daily Herald, an online newspaper, posted this moving gallery of images from memorial day services around the nation. I especially appreciated their attempts, in compiling their gallery, to gather a broad range of ages, images and locations. Check it out.

A newer tradition, located in Riverside, California, involved thousands of motorcyclists traveling through the city streets – literally thundering their way to the National Cemetery in Riverside, CA. The photo above came from one of our Facebook friends who saw this guy and thought of us.