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Sept 11th, The Story Behind Our Very Own 9/11 Flag Design

Our company decided to design a flag to represent the tragedy of 9/11. Lorraine, a first grade teacher at the time, brainstormed with her students and by a collaboration of 7 year olds, family members and employees, and the boss…everyone came together to design the famous 9/11 flag. By the third week, we sent the design into production. By the end of October, we were able to sell enough to send United Way a check for ALL the sales…$10,000 for the disaster relief fund. All the people involved, including the first graders were very proud. Since then, we made different items using that logo such as September 11th key tags, magnets, pins and even patented it. We didn’t want PA or Washington to be left out, so we later designed a 9-11 Never Forget Pin that includes them as well. To read the full story and see the copy of the Thank You letter we received from NY City, please visit Sept. 11, 2001 Flag History. Since 9-11, our flag has flown around the world with our military. We are so proud. Click here to see all the September 11th, 2001 products available.–2001-products.html