Remembering: 12 Years


Sometimes it seems as if it were just yesterday when our Nation was attacked and our lives were forever changed. The memories of that day are still so vibrant and fresh for most of us. Do you remember where you were when the towers fell? When the news broke? How you felt? Did you fear? Rage? Cry?

As vibrant and fresh as the memories are for many of us, this year marks 12 years since the horrible events of September 11, 2001. Twelve years: there are Jr. High students who were born after the attacks. How do we talk to these kids about what happened that day? How do we convey to them how much things were changed forever?

Maybe we can’t ever convey it to them. Maybe all we can do is remember. To share where we were, what we remember, how we were changed. On this day, FlagsOnCars joins with the nation in remembering.