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Flag of Honor & Flag of Heroes Project

Some gave all – We will never forget is proud to partner with Annin Flagmakers, the official flagmakers for the Flag of Honor and Flag of Heroes project, in distributing these amazing flags. These two flags have been created in the sincere desire to honor the victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Each flag has been designed to honor and memorialize each person. Proceeds from the sale of these flags go to several charities, including The Voice of 9/11, The National 9/11 Museum at Ground Zero, and the Wounded Warrior Project.

Flag of Honor

This unique flag was created to honor all those who died in the 9/11 attacks. They are organized in the following way:

American Airlines Flight 11 – Starts on the first stripe, first line and includes 87 names.

American Airlines Flight 77 – Starts on the first stripe, fifth line and includes 60 names.

United Airlines Flight 175 – Starts on the first stripe, seventh line and includes 59 names.

United Airlines Flight 93 – Starts on the second stripe, third line and includes 40 names.

Pentagon – Starts on the second stripe, fifth line and includes 125 names.

World Trade Center – Starts on the third stripe, third line and includes 2,164 names.

Note: first responders are included on the Flag of Honor, but without their rank or affiliation.

Flag of Heroes

This flag was created to honor all those first responders – fire fighters, police, EMS, and others – who ran in when everyone else was running out and, in doing so, gave all. This flag lists each first responder, their rank and their affiliation. You will find:

FDNY – 343 names

PAPD – 37 names

NYPD – 23 names

PANYNJ – 13 names

EMS – 10 names

OCS security – 3 names

NYSDFT – 3 names

Others – 19 names.

Both of these flags are amazing tributes to the men and women who so clearly embodied the American spirit that day. Consider flying or displaying this flag for the 10th anniversary this year!

Wear & Fly a Flag on 9/11

This year our country will remember and honor those whose lives were forever changed on 9/11/01 as we celebrate 10 years of recovery and patriotism. has commissioned a limited edition 9/11 10th anniversary pin in honor of this memorial. We are proud to announce that these are now in stock and available for same-day shipping (like all our items) on orders placed before 3pm M-F.

We wanted, as well, to create a memorial event for people around the nation to show join together in honoring this day. If you would like to join with us in honoring 9/11 this year by wearing a flag pin or flying a flag to show that the American Spirit isĀ unstoppable, RSVP to our Facebook event today! Our goal is to get One Million people committed to wearing or flying a flag on that day, so make sure to share this event with your friends as well.

Together we can show the world that the USA will never forget.