You Can Get a Flag That’s Been Flown at the Capital Building

More than 100,000 flags a year are flown on three poles at the base of the dome of the Capital building. One of these flags can be bought for$30 or less depending, on the size and fabric of the flag. Americans have spent $2.2 million on these flags.

Government employees fly flags on these poles at least 250 days a year. They hoist up a flag as much as a couple thousand times a day. Each flag is flown for a few minutes. Between 300-400 flags are flown each day. More flags are hoisted up on important days like Memorial Day, Veterans Day, July 4, and September 11. The largest number of flags flown was 10,471, on the bicentennial in 1776.

The nonprofit program began when a congressman requested an old flag from the capital building 73 years ago. Now requests come through all 535 members of Congress.