American Legion Post Finds Historic Flag

A U.S. flag flown in the Indian War era was found last month by the Hugh Dancy American Legion Post 134 as they were preparing to retire some old flags. The flag is six feet by eight feet. It has 38 stars in six rows and grey stripes instead of white. The flag was made after Colorado became a state on August 1, 1876  and before North Dakota became a state on November 2, 18889. This flag could be one of the 27 official designs of the U.S. flag.

U.S. history instructor at the University of Memphis Douglas Cupples believes that a Southern group may have wanted to symbolize the reunification of the country after the Civil War. The grey stripes probably represent the South’s confederate heritage. The stars upside down and hand-sewn. Often the U.S. flags for military units were made by wives, sisters, and girlfriends.