Runner Plants Flags Across the Country to Honor Fallen Soldiers

Mike Ehredt will be running cross-country and placing flags at every mile in order to honor U.S. soldiers who have died in Iraq. Each flag has a yellow ribbon attached with the name of a fallen American service member on it. Ehredt has already worn out 8 pairs of shoes and drank 20 gallons of chocolate milk. He runs 30 miles a day. The 4,500 mile run is expected to take 5 months. Ehrad is a retired postal worker and army veteran. The location of each flag, the names of the soldiers, and Ehredt’s current position can be found on his website Project America Run.

Ehredt says that fewer than 50 people have run coast to coast and most of them have used support staff. Ehredt is running alone.  He is bringing with him a three wheeled stroller , a cellphone, GPS device, and a computer. Each night he stays with people recommended by friends or the local Chamber of Commerce.