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4th of July Statistics


Here are some random statistics related to the 4th of July from an article at CNN for you to enjoy in your post-holiday recovery period.

People eat 150 million hot dogs on the 4th of July.  That is enough hot dogs to cross the country five times.

The 4th of July holiday period has more sales and servings of beer than any other time.

More fireworks are set of on the 4th of July than any other celebration in any other country.

Pet Safety for the Fourth of July

Fireworks may be a fun way to celebrate our nation’s birth for people, but not for animals.

Keep your pets inside.  In addition to possible burns from fireworks, pets can also have their eyesight or hearing damaged by fireworks. Scared animals can jump fences and escape in other ways normally impossible because of increased adrenalin levels caused by fear. The few days after the fourth of July are usually busy for animal shelters because of frightened, lost, or injured animals.

Put your pets somewhere were they are comfortable. Dim the lights and close the window shades. Turn on the TV or calming music to create some distracting background noise.

Have plenty of food and water available, and a litter box ready for cats.  Be patient with any “accidents” nervous or afraid animals might make.

And make sure your pets have current I.D. tags, just in case.

Taking these easy precautions can make sure that your whole family has a safe 4th!